Puppy Who Could Not Walk Learns To Walk Again As 295 Dogs Are Saved from a Puppy Mill


The Humane Society of the United States conducted a puppy mill raid which resulted in the rescue of 295 dogs trapped in inhumane breeding conditions. Among them was a small pup named Daniel.

Daniel touched the hearts of the rescuers. He could not walk with his front legs due to severe malnourishment.

In spite of his poor problem, the moment he saw the rescuers, he started crawling toward them.

The rescuers instantly picked him up and took him under their care. It really did not take much time for Daniel to feel safe and well-fed again. Within 2 weeks he started using his front legs again!

Thanks to this incredible team, Daniel not just walks today, but he sprints around like any type of pleased canine!

What an incredible moment!

He has been adopted by a caring family in Blue Springs, Missouri. We wish all puppy mills get closed down and puppies like Daniel locate happy homes to live their lives.

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