A homeless dog screamed in agony as his ear was almost torn away


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The dog elder was struggling in the icy water, but he managed to scream for assistance.

And also the heroic men and women from a Delaware special unit who are prepared to get him out and get him to security.

Poor creature was terrified and simply wanted to be in peace, have fun and merely enjoy life. Poor baby was so scared!

Boo was sent to the veterinarian following his chilly adventure.

While over there, this lucky canine was given a clean bill of health, greatly to the relief of his owners.

There is little doubt that his family will be extra cautious the next time Boo goes out by the water feature.

Nevertheless, given his struggle, we wouldn’t be surprised if it took Boo a while to get the bravery to push on the fish’s brink once again.

You can see Boo’s heroic rescue in the video above. He is so brave and confident and believed in himself.

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