A photographer catches a shy baby Meerkat and meets its loving family


Mamekoro51 is a Japanese photographer that specializes in photographing small animals.

He stumbled across the nicest family of meerkats while touring the Inokashira Natural Culture Center in Tokyo someday, and only one boy was very afraid of the photographer.

He was seen warily looking behind a fence, and while it appeared timid initially, it eventually came to say hi. Such a sweetheart, no?

These cute critters are native to the African states of Botswana, Angola, Namibia, and South Africa.

The photographer was subsequently brought by the timid tiny fella to its house, where he greeted the parents.

The number of meerkats at residence was unknown, however meerkats are believed to also have a’mob’ or ‘band’ of 20-50 individuals.

Every female one, whether pregnant or not, can milk to feed the young alpha pair’s offspring.

When babysitter, they safeguard the children by bringing them underneath if they are attacked, and they are frequently prepared to defend themselves at the cost of their lives.

They are such kind and fighting souls. Follow mamekoro51 on Twitter for more adorable baby animal pictures.

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