Office workers discover that a nefarious « surveillance kitten » has been spying on them


Kitties are very secretive, which is why exceptionally stealthy robbers are dubbed cat thieves.

When a cat abruptly stalked a gathering of Japanese office employees, they were informed of this reality. Such a sweetheart!

This clever feline, on the other hand, was not stealing. He was employing his stealth for another purpose: observation. He was merely watching them.

The kittie’s spying scheme was uncovered when an employee working observed a little face peering down at him from a hole in the ceiling. That is almost scary, you know.

He promptly snapped a photo of the kitten and forwarded it to a coworker, who then tweeted it and sarcastically compared it to a surveillance camera. Simply hillarious!

The amusing images of the tiniest little CCTV camera ever have subsequently gone viral on Twitter, making everyone giggle.

Maybe the kitten was simply making sure everybody was paying attention and doing their utmost.

Just wanted to see if everyone is working or he needs to come down there.

We’re confident that if we realized this adorable kitten was watching us, we’d all work harder.

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