A hidden camera captures an adorable bear cub bathing with a teddy bear he found


Tamarack, an abandoned bear cub, was saved last year from a wildfire area in Northern California after his paws were burnt by the fire.

He was recovering from his wounds at a wildlife rehabilitation facility when he astonished his caregivers by fleeing back into nature.

Thankfully, yhis adorable baby is still alive and thriving, notwithstanding his prior tragedy, as seen by this clip.

Toogee, a wildlife enthusiast, has been following his movements on trail cameras installed throughout the woods area close to his house since his release last year.

The abandoned bear cub has definitely surpassed the chances and is prospering from that vantage point.

He was just seen on video bathing in a massive puddle by one of Sielsch’s cams.

But he wasn’t lonely. The cutie was joined by a stuffed animal that he had seemingly spotted and adored.

The history of the teddy toy is unclear, but it is an item he cherishes, and Sielsch grinned when he saw them united.

« I felt that was nearly a great illustration of not only juvenile black bears, but almost all of them, » he informed The Dodo.

Nevertheless, the clip below is just the most current happy episode in the life of a bear that had a difficult start. And, perhaps, the greatest is still to come.

« It warms my soul to have observed him development as an abandoned and recuperating cub of the year, now yearling, » he added.

« It demonstrates how resilient nature is when it relates to survival. »

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