Goose knocks on the door of an animal hospital to console her partner after tracking her down


Workers at the Cape Wildlife Sanctuary in Massachusetts saw a wild goose called Arnold having difficulty walking one day.

Because it seemed to be a wounded foot, workers brought the animal to the native wildlife clinic for much-needed care.

They weren’t the only ones worried about the cutie, it seems out.

After a cursory check at the clinic, it was evident that his foot required surgery.

However, his disappearance was noticed by his longterm lover, who determined to track him down for emotional support.

« As we proceeded to numb him and set him for operation, we noticed a slight knocking at the hospital door, » the agency’s personnel reported.

« When we turned around, his partner had trudged up onto the doorstep and was trying to break into our hospital! » She’d tracked him down… »

Fortunately, the procedure went well, and he was on his path to healing.

« She stayed in the entrance during the entire operation, watching us operate, » employees noted.

After the procedure, the team placed him near the door, and you could see how thankful the birds were.

Staff commented, « They both seemed considerably more at peace in one other’s company. »

Totally cute! Despite the fact that he will need a couple weeks to heal, he will not have to do so alone. Workers are happy to keep allowing his girlfriend to come.

« We will make every effort to bring him back out as soon as possible.

And we will do bandage adjustments and therapies in front of the doorway whenever feasible so that his mate may watch on him, » they said, noting, « Through illness and health… »

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