To defend her babies from heavy rain, mom hen transforms into an ‘umbrella’ (Video)


A mom hen, like a human woman, will go to great lengths to defend her chicks.

A mom, an iconic symbol of maternal affection, will care for her newborn chicks, worried about their nourishment and keeping a sharp watch out for intruders.

A video from India has went viral on social media, illustrating the depths of a mom hen’s dedication and readiness to prioritize her children’s needs before her own.

In the clip, a family of young chicks can be observed curled around their mom. During a sudden rainstorm, the feathered mama extends her wings over her youngsters, acting as a natural umbrella.

She, like many families, is indifferent about rain soaking her feathers; all she cares about is making her kids safe, clean, and comfy.

As per person who shot the touching video:

« This film was shot in a local seafood market after a severe downpour, and we can demostrate their love in a unique way. »

In severe downpour, a mom shields its chicks. » Share this beautiful story with your friends and family to lighten their day and fill it with love and light.

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