While their mom heals after being attacked by another lioness, dad lion tries to care for 5 unruly cubs


As these incredible images demonstrate, it’s not just people that are grappling with the strain of unexpected additional childcare right now.

When Singa, an African lion, was abroad, his litter of 5 rowdy youngsters were more than a handful – or should we say pawful? –

Despite his efforts, his fatherhood abilities just weren’t up to the duty of caring for his small brood at Pakawi Park Wildlife in Belgium while their mom, JJ, was undergoing medical care.

He tried to raise the pups and transport them to a quieter place as their mom would, but he didn’t know how, so they cried every time he got close them.

Daddy was loving with the kids and patient with their tantrums, but he became irritated when they began to bite his tail.

‘The mom was attacked by some other lion,’ photographer Linda stated.

She suffered terrible injuries and had to be isolated from her pups for several weeks to recover. So Daddy had to look after them.

‘He was attempting to raise them, as a mom would, in order to transport them to what he presumably believed was a safer location.

However, being a man, he lacked the necessary skills and expertise to appropriately carry them.

‘Despite his compassionate treatment of the pups, they wailed every time he approached and attempted to relocate them.

He was pretty patient with them, but he did become a little irritated when they nipped his tail.’

At least he tried. Love is actions, don’t you agree?

As the final image indicates, the cubs were visibly overjoyed when JJ was returned to wellness by zoo veterinarians and brought to their cage.

When mom came from the doctors, totally healed from her injuries, the kids were overjoyed to see their favorite mom.

When mom came back totally cured from her injuries, the babies were overjoyed to hug their beloved parent once more.

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