The dome-shaped house was created in a month and a half by this artist for $9,000… This is how it looks from the inside!


A entirely natural urge to own your own ceiling might inspire an unanticipated design project.

A musician was given a parcel of land on a nearby property, and in just 6 weeks, he built a unique dome-shaped house that immediately became a site decoration and unmistakable landmark.

Steve Areen, a contemporary artist and photographer, travels the world regularly and has made many acquaintances.

During his following journey to Thailand, he paid a visit to Hajjar, whose literature he had long loved.

During a light conversation about plans for the future, Steve expressed his wish to purchase a little eco-house away from society.

Hajaru and his wife agreed to gift him a parcel of land in a mangoes orchard at that particular moment in order to satisfy their mate’s long-held goal.

As the writers of Novate.Ru discovered, this was the beginning of the remarkable building of a miraculous mansion.

The guy had extremely limited time and required to finish everything as fast as feasable and with the lowest amount of monetary penalties.

It was chosen to construct a domed house, which they even developed under the name Earthen Dome Home.

The dome home, a build like a hemisphere, is one of the most energy-efficient design and building ideas.

The approach is based on polyhedrons, which create a dome-shaped space within the structure.

Outside, this type of structure is very resilient to loads caused by inclement weather and environmental catastrophes.

He gave him a quick study course, and he was quickly able to complete it on his own since a mate’s relative had the expertise of producing clay bricks that were then laid down in the form of a dome.

Despite the numerous obstacles of such an eco-construction. The vast majority of the materials were close by, close his future house and under his feet.

In addition to minimizing construction costs, the use of organic materials such as wood, rocks, bamboo, clay, dried grasses, and other aspects enabled the home’s natural beauty and atmosphere to be preserved.

It took additional 3 weeks to completely decorate the inside and the charming cottage’s antique front.

He only spent $9,000 on these upgrades. given that many of the materials were entirely free.

After the building was finished, the young person was pleasantly surprised by the technology innovation used to construct an eco-house.

Hhe will unquestionably use this unique opportunity in the future to create more rapidly, cost effectively, and aesthetically appealing housing using materials with superior heat results.

I nsulation properties that enable humans to live peacefully in colder climes.

Then, while he was overseas, a buddy launched a firm creating compressed earth bricks for eco-housing building, using Steve’s house as a template.

As practice has shown, you do not require a lot of money to begin to live out your dreams.

The next 10 distinctive homes will show you how to build amazing structures that function as actual fam houses rather than simply a cover over your heads at a low cost.

Watch the above to see this beauty.

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