Whitney Houston publicly welcomed back US troops coming from the Gulf War… Watch the video!


Whitney, who took influence from traditional pop music, performed a lovely and encouraging musical concert and message to American warriors coming from the Gulf War from the Navy Air Station in Norfolk.

She had just startled the audience with a fascinating and unique live rendition of her difficult song « All The Man That I Need » before releasing a ferocious and forceful barrage of her hit songs for our Soldiers.

The renowned artist’s 3rd studio album, I’m Your Baby Tonight, has a powerful hit.

She had a magnificent and breathtaking concert while in a gorgeous red gown and accompanied by professional musicians, experienced vocalist, and members of the audience.

She really connected with the 3,500 military people and women in the audience when she played the sound tune, and they cheered, laughed, and were affected by her appearance.

She never ceased showcasing her incredible skill as a performing artist.

On onstage, she expresses affection, ambition, and grief with grace.

She showcased her incredible and fantastic yet humble dance abilities to generate a tiny buzz.

After her victorious and crucial « Welcome Home Heroes » appearance on HBO, it was appropriate for Whitney Houston to thank the gallant people with an inspiring and live rendition of the famous song.

Her excellent and energetic R&B ballad has endured the test of time.

Another numeric hit for the artist, cementing his reputation as a terrific singer and chart-topper.

Watch the video and enjoy her sweet voice. Share this incredible story with your friends and family to lighten their day and fill it with positive vibes.

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