A crowd of 13,917 hockey fans sings the US National Anthem in their own unique style…


The Star-Spangled Banner, as the name implies, is America’s official anthem.

When it was proclaimed the national anthem in 1931, it became one of the most famous patriotic anthems in America.

These words were extracted from a poem written by Francis Scott and released in 1814.

During the War of 1812, he observed nightly action between Britain and the United States at Fort McHenry in Baltimore.

The theme song was actually played at the Nassau Coliseum on Wednesday evening before the New York Isles’ triumph over the Boston Bruins, thanks to the team’s fans.

As per the NY Post, Nicole sang « Star-Spangled Banner » before the Isles’ playoff game versus the Bruins.

A New Yorker who sung the Boston Anthem even before 6th game between both the Nyc Isles and the Boston got social media attention for her performance.

Raviv drops the mic few seconds after the song begins, allowing the more than 13,000 supporters in Hempstead, Nyc, to complete the singing entirely on their own, as seen in the clip.

When the song’s concluding lyrics were reached, she performed it once again to deafening applause.

You can watch the video above. Share this incredible video with your friends and family to lighten their day.

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