Do you recall Ricky Nelson’s song « My Rifle, My Pony, and Me »? If yes, then your childhood was…


In this classic videoclip from the 59 western Rio Bravo, a teenage Ricky plays a sincere cowboy ballad.

That is so difficult to perform in order to arouse the emotions in the audience that especially John can’t keep but perform with him.

Rio is a 1959 American western film produced and directed by Howard, starring John Wayne, Dean,Nelson, Angie, Walter, and also Ward Bond.

During his life, John was known for a variety of individuals.

During his profession, he was 1 of the most daring and stylish movie characters.

He was both a warrior and a rancher, and he was always lovely. He was a popular artist of his era because to his ability to maintain a solemn expression.

In this videoclip from the 59 movie Rio Bravo, Wayne’s role demonstrates an uncommon part as he performs together with him and Dean.

It was enjoyable in seeing his proof, as well as enjoyable to listen to a fantastic song.

Watch the clip below to see him in this musical sequence from Rio Bravo.

In this film, inspired on B.H. McCampbell’s brief tale « Rio Bravo, » produced by Jules and Lee, the constable of Texas, captures the farmer’s brother in order to save his intoxicated helper.

They use a crippled and a juvenile gunman to keep the farmer’s men at bay. The movie was shot in Technicolor just outside of Tucson.

It was included in the National Cinema Archive in 14 after the Library of Congress believed it « societally, socially, or unearthly important. »

Allow yourself to get swept up in a nostalgia moment as you calm down and enjoy this beautiful piece.

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