She was only 11 when she gave birth… This is how they live now…


Kordese Eliazkova, who was one of the youngest mums in the whole globe, is the one we’re talking about.

In 2009, she was only 11. She ran into a 19-year-old male near her school.

She became pregnant since they began dating. Poor girl.

However, the girl did not discover she was expecting straight away.

The poor girl blamed her excess weight on a sharp uptick in hunger, which drove her to « eat for two. »

Her belly was discovered by her grandma Dida.

After questioning and testing, everything became obvious, and her parents rushed to begin organizing the wedding with the child’s dad.

They desired to finish it before the arrival of the baby. They were a triumph.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to state that they were on the verge of success.

The three-day wedding party was slated to begin on October 22.

The party was held in the optimal manner, but she began to feel unwell on the 2nd day of the festivities.

Violetta was delivered just a few hours after being transferred to the doctor.

She was in excellent health. What a complicated and sad story.

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