A baby was born in 2015 with a heart birthmark, and here is how he appears 4 years later…


Every baby is a marvel, and each one is special in their own way.

However, a child called the « heart baby » is genuinely special.

His folks, Murat (30) and Saida (28), couldn’t believe their eyes when they discovered the cardio scar on their newborn kid’s head.

Numerous individuals around the globe are smitten with the gorgeous baby born in 2015.

This beauty was born towards the end of 2015. In the birth room, the small baby became an instant star, and the staff couldn’t stop snapping pictures with him.

What’s the deal? She was born with a birthmark on the top of his head.

« After the doctor wiped the blood off his head, we saw the mark on his skull for the 1st time, » Murat, his dad, recounted.

The little newborn was called « the loving baby » by the Daily Mail. Cinar attracted international attention and went viral.

As per his folks, many humans stop him and his family members on the street and ask to be photographed with their child.

« When we’re not at home, everyone smiles and likes him; all our acquaintances are curious about the mark since it’s heart-shaped; they assume he’s a heart baby, » dad said.

His fam believes that his scar is a gift from God, and he has been encouraged since birth to cherish the reasons he is different.

« When we go to the hospital for examination, the physicians and nurses identify him and speak to him as ‘the kid of hearts,’ indicating that he already has a large following. »

He continues to have a big number of admirers and fans all around the globe who want to track his life journey.

His parents set up an Instagram account so that people could see how he was doing in his everyday life.

He’s currently 4 years old and more beautiful than ever! Do you think he’s unique as well?

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