She performs Celine Dion, while her sibling performs Andrea Bocelli. Everyone gets chills when they sing together…


The founder of the acapella band Home Free has together another fantastic group of artists, this time entitled 7th Ave.

The band was built in 2016 and is made up of world-class singers who appreciate placing their special spin on classic and contemporary songs.

By blending elaborate acapella harmony and instruments, they present their audience with an exceptionally great musical background.

They perform songs by Elvis and Timberlake. Among their most hit tracks are « Can’t Help Falling in Love, » « Hallelujah, » « No, » and « Can’t Stop the Feeling. »

You never understand what to anticipate from this gang. In the clip near the conclusion, 7th Ave performs the famous song « The Prayer. »

While it was written in both English and Italian in 99 for Celine and Bocelli to sing as soloists, it wasn’t until they agreed to sing it as a duet that it became renowned.

The exquisite song got even more touching when these two brilliant singers teamed up.

Since then, many more musicians have performed this track. Now 7th Heaven adds their own touch on it.

There are no over-the-top musical tactics in this performance; the music and lyrics speak for themselves.

The song begins with a familiar intro, which is played by a lone piano. Tristen plays a wonderful first verse alone on a little platform.

Her brother, Chris, accompanies her onstage, adding power and melody to her already magnificent voice.

The Rupps’ basic approach to this tune, which is commonly done by operatic-style artists on enormous platforms with complex setups, is fantastic.

You can’t but notice the catchy music and lyrics. The siblings supported each other in ways that only families can.

You may see this beautiful duo above.

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