This couple adopted a baby who had no legs and only one arm… The child has grown up and…


Vanya was born with only one arm and no feet. His family immediately wrote a denial, and he was sent to a baby home.

This youngster was even on the TV show « I Would Like to Have a Home, » but no one wanted to foster him.

His relatives and friends have indeed realized that he will not live an enjoyable life and will spend his adult existence without his folks.

Fortunately, everything worked out. Melanie and Jay, American couple, discovered him.

The mom states that she and her husband immediately fell in love with the baby.

They already had an adopted Russian son, and they wished to have another.

It should be noted that he may have been fostered previous to Dima Yakovlev’s act.

He was moved to North Carolina, as quickly as the documentation was finished.

Since then, the child has lived in America and has become entirely indistinguishable.

He goes to school and engages in activities. He was given a robotic prosthetic that would grow with him.

At such an early age, the youngster has already won gold in baseball tournaments.

As Ivan gets older, mechanical prosthesis will be supplanted with robotic prostheses.

Nobody will realize that he lacks limbs. His adopted family go to great lengths to make sure that their kid has all he needs.

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