He is only 24 years old and she is 61… Their intentions are just too exciting to keep hidden…


His age is 24 and hers is 61. They are newlyweds who wish to begin a family.

Kuran and Cheryl are an unusual pair that met via short music videos.

They individually attempted to seize command of the TT page in separate ways, but it was only when they came together that they had substantial success.

Regardless of the fact that they are 37 years apart, the duo’s funny flicks have earned thousands of views and a large increase in channels members.

This couple spent their days making commercials and quickly realized that their bond was founded on more than simply their common interests.

He proposed to his girlfriend in July 2021, and the two married in September of that year.

As a consequence of the stories, the couple’s global renown and the show’s reputation skyrocketed.

But something was still missing in the couple’s life. They made the choice to start a family.

Cheryl and Kuran consider employing a surrogate to assist them; this is also publicly discussed.

If no lady is available, the couple is willing to adopt a kid from orphanages.

This would allow them to come together as a family. Share this unique story with your friends and family.

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