Mart Hoogkamer, the ‘Got Talent’ contestant, performs a stunning version of ‘Unchained Melody.’ The crowd was…


Mart is an artist who rose to prominence after competing on the eighth season of « Holland’s Got Talent. »

Despite coming second in the contest, he landed a record deal with Sony and rose to prominence as a consequence.

He sang an awesome and energetic rendition of The Isley Brothers’ song « Unchained Melody » in this concert.

He’s wearing nicely a black suit, a crisp snowy circular t-shirt, also snowy tennis shoes.

He climbed about 20 m above the platform when he made his remarks. Guitar, synthesizers, drumming, and backing vocalists accompanied him.

The stadium was lit up with stunning lighting shows and fog machines.

Many lit letters with his title, MARCH, inscribed on them adorned the platform behind him.

The crowd sang and sang along with the ageless lyrics. Lovers were only seen swaying in love with each another.

March sprang to prominence as a consequence of a YouTube version of the same track.

He got his 1st charting triumph lately with ‘Ik Go Swimming.’ It reached the top of the Top 40 and the Dutch Single Top 100 lists.

The artist, notwithstanding his young, has competed in a number of events throughout the years.

She debuted as a youngster, finishing second in the « Kids Sing With Stars » contest.

The famous Dutch singer catapulted quickly to popularity. This performance makes the most of his skills and theatrical charisma.

The audience explodes, particularly when he obtains his most recent and highest score.

You may see the video here and enjoy his angelic voice.

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