Parrot Gets Stuffed Bunny for Birthday… Just Listen to How He Greets His New Buddy, Lol!!!


Aside from a case of nuts and seeds, what better birthday present could a parrot receive but a stuffed bunny rabbit!

This parrot, an Indian ringneck named Marnie, actually has quite a few stuffed bunnies and he was thrilled to be able to add another one to his collection.

Parrots are beautiful and colorful birds but what they’re best known for are their intelligence and talkativeness.

Parrots have an incredible ability to mimic sounds, whether noises from their natural environment, radio or television programs, other animals, or most remarkably of all, human speech. Just by listening to the people around it, a parrot can build up quite a vocabulary.

Combine that with the zany parrot personality, and you have a fantastic animal companion.

They love their humans and can be very affectionate, but at the same time parrots have a lot of attitudes and their antics can be amusing.

Our feathered friend Marnie is just bursting with love, especially for his new pink and white stuffed bunny. Marnie has a crazy little high-pitched voice that makes him absolutely adorable.

What’s more, he’s not only learned to mimic a bunch of human words but can even use them appropriately.

We weren’t kidding when we said parrots are intelligent. He’s so excited about the new bunny that he talks and talks and talks.

Marnie starts by flattering the rabbit with, “Hello… Pretty!” Then he asks, “Whatcha doin’?” His human mom suggests giving the bunny a kiss. Marnie thinks this is a great idea and gives his new bunny a smooch, adding “Thank you!”

We’ve posted a video of Marnie the parrot meeting the newest addition to his bunny collection. He’s adorable, and he has a voice worthy of a children’s television show.

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