Considering his father unnecessary, his son took him to a nursing home, where he died, and then thought about who to leave the inheritance to …


We always want peace and pleasant conversations in the morning, and the old man always groaned and groaned.

– Son, bring me a box of canned fish, I really want to.

– Dad, why don’t you like my wife’s fish cakes?

– I can’t eat pies, my teeth are not the same anymore, I want a soft fish.

– I don’t have time to buy soft fish, eat pies.

It’s time to take the cranky old man to the nursing home. He became more and more angry, because it was not so easy for him to live under one roof.

Over time, they had to sell their house and buy an apartment in order to live together. The father agreed because the woman had died and he was left alone.

But their good relationship did not last long, he left home for a long time so as not to annoy anyone in his presence. When the eldest granddaughter got married, grandfather was shocked, because she was only 18 years old.

One day my son said

– Dad, you need to go to a nursing home, my daughter will have a baby soon. A young family needs help, they need to stay in your room.

The old man was crying, but he didn’t want to talk to his son anymore! He gave his entire pension to his son, and now he is kicking him out.

– Dad, we’ll come to you for the weekend.

And the old man said he doesn’t even talk to him at home on weekends. He didn’t believe him.

In the nursing home, he was more and more silent, with difficulty getting used to loneliness, he did not even want to eat.

The son never visited him, and six months later his grandfather died. Before his death, he wrote a will. Everything he had was left to a volunteer who went to a nursing home to care for the elderly, talk to them and comfort them.

She visited her grandfather to the end! Grandfather wrote a letter to his son, in which he told how he wants to live his life peacefully next to his relatives.

Since his son treated him very rudely, he decided to bequeath to the volunteer girl all his property.

If he bequeathed this money to his son, they could buy an apartment for their grandchildren, it would even be enough to buy him a separate apartment, but they didn’t even invite him to the wedding, which means they didn’t need his money.

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