The judges were moved to tears as a young child sang a famous Queen song…


Alex, a 10-year-old Romanian kid, was noticeably nervous when he walked the stage at a prestigious kid’s talent competition.

Everyone was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to complete his act since he couldn’t control his feelings and didn’t make any visual contact with the jurors.

Everybody else was quiet until the youngster started singing Queen’s « Show Must Go On. »

The people on the jury started to swap looks, as if looking for validation that the sound they were hearing matched to the youngster.

Following the first minute of his presentation, all of the assessors rose up to applaud and express their gratitude for his incredible skill.

The jurors and the rest of the crowd were startled by his powerful and booming voice.

It is no secret that playing a Mercury song is exceedingly tough, particularly for seasoned players with extensive expertise.

It’s tough to believe that someone so little and with no previous experience on stage is capable of such a terrific job!

Please share Alex’s song with all of your relatives and friends since a talent like this doesn’t come around very often.

View the video here and merely enjoy this angelic boy and his awesome performance.

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