Simon called her music choices ridiculous. After a few seconds, he’s obliged to retract his own remarks…


The song choice is nearly as important as the voice of those fighting for a seat on The X Factor.

Candidates have only a few minutes to demonstrate their abilities and demonstrate why they need to be on the program.

As a consequence, a poor song selection that fails to emphasize the participant’s unique abilities might spell the distinction between victory and failure.

The song should emphasize the singer’s skills, as well as their characteristics and acting skills.

Simon was hesitant when the teenage woman in the video below entered the stage and announced her intention to play Amazing Grace in order to advance in the contest.

« You are a brave girl, » he said, clearly conveying his misgivings about the girl’s chances of success.

Both the jurors and the crowd were caught away by her unusual version of a well-known tune.

It’s tough to make a song with a unique personality your own, which is why this performance is so impressive.

Check out the video to enjoy this girl’s angelic voice and simply have fun.

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