Two older citizens go onto the dance floor and tear up a carpet… Here’s the video!


You can do something you adore for years without getting tired.

Dancing is a popular leisure activity all around the globe. Dances come in a variety of styles, each of which enables the performer to convey themselves through synchronized motion.

One of the most popular and lengthy shag dancing event in the USA is the National SHAG Dance Contest, or NSDC.

Did you realize that the SHAG Dance Tournament, currently in its 38th year, originated in Myrtle Beach in 1984?

Regrettably, due to encounters and active limits, the NSDC could not start their contest last year, 21, but they are returning this time, and everyone is delighted!

« Why are you continuing professionally if you’re not trying new skills? » Stewart remarked, as reported by the Salisbury Post.

« No regardless your age or experience, you can acquire sth to get your dancing to a higher level. »

If you’re in love with something, don’t abandon it. Do it to hone your ability and expertise.

The video of their incredible dance is included above. Share this awesome story with your pals and family to make their day brighter and filled with love.

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