While mother was in the bathroom, her four-year-old son spent $100 on precisely this…


Don’t leave your children unattended if you don’t really want them to go into troubles.

But what if a mom has to take a bath and only wants some few minutes alone with her four-year-old kid?

Take your phone at the very least; else, you might lose thousands of dollars.

Raissa, 32, of Brazil, left her phone in the bath unattended for a few moments.

Tom, her 4-year-old kid, had ample time to discover his mom’s phone and create a mess.

After making a $100 McDonald’s meal, this astute young fellow was pleased with himself.

She reports that her kid was just left alone for a few moments. She wished to bathe when she arrived home from the clinic.

Simultaneously, he took her phone and used her voice control to request dinner to be brought to their house.

In addition, the child was allowed to confirm the delivery address.

She told news journalists that he must have learnt how to accomplish it from her because she was obtaining takeout dinners for herself and her baby during the epidemic.

The youngster ordered six Happy Meals, six specialties, ten milkshakes, and eight McSundaes.

She was surprised to see that her transaction had been finished and that a McDonald’s service would come at her house in a matter of minutes.

Luckily, his mom enjoys his antics. Notwithstanding the hefty order, the 4-year-old was disappointed with the things received.

She reports that her kid protested that the « yellow minion » he ordered was not arrived, resulting in the destruction of all 10 boxes.

They also forgot to include apple pie. Mcd’s, McDonald’s’!

Don’t worry, the food was not wasted. She shared the requested foods with the families of her roommates.

She also stated to the press that her son’s humorous joke made her feel better because she was anxious about a health condition that required her to see a physician…

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