Simon offers a young girl the Golden Buzzer after telling him, « You got a star shine. »


This pertains to me in each way; she is a natural-born celebrity. Sara James is the title of a Polish immigrant.

Her age of 13 astounded the 4 jurists. Notwithstanding the this, she got a round of applause as well as other honors.

Simon Cowell was so impressed by James’ achievement that he showered her with precious metals.

Sara James, on the other side, has experience with tv programs.

In Poland, she originally started competing in and managed to win Season 4 of The Voice Kids.

She also came in second place in Jr. Eurovision 2021. He advances and pushes the golden globe for her!

She was in bewilderment as she showered in gold, tears streaming down her cheeks.

That truly is a warm reception. Simon reaches her and her aunt, trying to hug and sobbing alongside them.

It was an incredible moment. Sara would never forget what happened that day.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for her. Enjoy her angelic voice by watching and listening to the song above

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