This canine had a « surprise » for the newlyweds that is now all over the Internet!


A wedding is generally crashed by an estranged family member, an enraged ex, or just some complete stranger looking for free liquor.

Nevertheless, one couple in Brazil had an unexpected visitor of the furry, four-legged variety, and the result was a simply stunning story.

During Marlia and Matheus Pieroni’s enclosed So Paulo celebration, a stray dog that had roamed in from the storm outdoors walked down the hall to the wedding chorus rather than the bride herself.

The dog was excluded as the new couple joined, but just as they’re about to tell their pledges, he reemerged – and snored directly on top of Marlia’s veil.

At this moment, some women might have disappeared into Bridezilla mode, but Marlia kept insisting on the dog being handled as a formal customer, which he was.

« It was a very pleasant surprise for me since I care about animals, » Marlia informed The Dodo.

As the night wore, the honeymooners searched for their unexpected companion, but he had managed to sneak away unnoticed.

A city-wide search for the rescue dog who had robbed everyone’s heart and soul started, with the aim of fostering him.

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