Shattered Dog Wants To Live Even His Head Strucks And His Body Shuts Down


This poor little dog was rescued after receiving a call about its mistreatment. His owner, who should have loved him, got angry and hit him on the head. His injuries were severe. ,,The dog had swellings on his little head and was initially unresponsive.” writes ilovemydogsomuch.

When the little dog arrived at the veterinary clinic, it was immediately examined. His head injury made his future uncertain. Every hour spent observing him closely was crucial. If his condition worsened, there was little the vet could do. But everyone had already grown sympathetic to this little fighter. His new human friends and supporters would make sure the little puppy was safe and not in pain.

Surprisingly, the dog got better and better despite the cramps. He was so happy for all the kind people who came into his kennel. His tail wagging is epic. It’s amazing that a dog who has been so badly abused by a human can still accept humans as friends.

As the dog got better and better, the doctor came up with an excellent treatment plan that included anti-seizure medication, a high protein diet and lots of love from all his new friends. The little dog is still in recovery. His future is uncertain and he needs all the prayers he can get. Would you send him some? You can see the little warrior dog by scrolling down and pressing play.

Watch the heartbreaking video of this little fighter below.
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