A woman in her 86s got married for the 2nd time. Check out who her husband is


Millie Taylor-Morrison, who is eighty-six, is living proof that love knows no bounds.

Notwithstanding her advanced age, the lady chose to reenact being the bride by entering into a 2nd marriage.

Harold, the love of her life, is a year younger than she is.

Only those closest to the bride and groom attended the ceremony.

The bride’s attire, which she did verything on her own, was praised by everybody present at the wedding ceremony and the reception.

So, everything is tastefully put together, including the jewelry, make-up, and outfit.

Her grandaughter posted pics from the ceremony on her social media.

She said that her grandmother made her whole wedding look personally, down to the last details of cosmetics and hairdo.

Millie has a great sense of style because she worked in the fashion industry in her teens.

Notwithstanding the fact that the lady was wedded to her 1st spuse for forty years, he passed away.

She made a decision to be wedded again after just 24 years.

He is someone she has known her entire existence. They were great mates who supported one another in both good and terrible situations.

Their union took place in New Jersey. We do wish them a long and prosperous life, though!

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