At the age of 18 to marry a 71-year-old guy. How does this family work?


In a Serbian village, lived the lovely Miliana. She was liked by many males, and they took care of her.

She was, however, disinterested in them and bored with her peers, so she did not give them any thought.

She came upon Miloiko, who was 71 years old at the time, while out strolling with her doggie.

The girl recognized he was a kindred soul for her after their lengthy conversations.

They started spending a lot of time together and quickly developed a tight bond.

The stunning woman made the choice to tell her parents how she felt.

But the person the daughter chose for herself caught them off guard.

The three children the elderly guy had were older than the daughter.

She refused to change her mind, as hard her parents tried to convince her.

The pensioner’s children, on the other hand, were relieved that someone would now be responsible for caring for the elderly guy.

Naturally, society responded to such an alliance in a variety of ways.

Particularly, their wedding was the topic of much discussion.

Due to the age gap being too wide (53 years), the church refused to allow the wedding.

Despite this, they remain content for more than 2 years. For them, every day they spend together is significant.

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