A janitor raises a child he discovered dumped on an airport, and on his 18th birthday, his mom comes back


Henry, 41, was a widower with 4 kiddos. He provided for them by cleaning airports.

Henry found it difficult to stay afloat since they were always living on the margins.

Thankfully, his employees were kind enough to donate their old clothes and toys to his children.

Sometimes, their wives would send meals as well. Henry turned down the money that was offered to him, so they came up with other methods to help him.

He was cleaning the runway one day after an airplane had landed when he saw an abandoned pram.

He halted to peer inside and discovered a young girl who appeared to be approximately two years old blissfully sleeping.

How could somebody be so careless as to abandon their child here, he wondered as he took in his surroundings?

When there was no one in sight, he wondered how the police could have missed the stroller on the path.

He carefully shifted it toward the security counter, where the authorities had made the police call.

He made the decision to return to work in the meantime. The kiddo started weeping and pleading with him to stay as he was about to walk away.

“Mother? What have you been doing? As she desperately pushed her stroller through the terminal throng in search of her mother, the young child wailed and cried.

He took her in his arms and tried to comfort her. « Your mom will be here soon, » he said. Stop fretting,

The little girl stopped crying soon, but she kept looking around for her mom.

He was staring at the throng as well, but he didn’t see a woman approaching them.

When the police arrived a short while later, the mother announced the daughter’s disappearance, but no mother had yet reported the loss of her child.

When the police interviewed her about her family, she could not say much more than that her mom was her mom and that her dad had passed away.

Then He understood that he couldn’t leave the girl behind.

He was her father, and his heart ached for her.

Even though he knew it would be difficult, he decided to take care of her.

When he spoke with the authorities, he acknowledged having four children and offered to look after the girl.

After checking his identification and doing some investigation, the cops eventually decided to allow him bring the youngster home for the night after first refusing.

Social Services was expected to pick her up the next day. Henry didn’t care.

On his way home, he stopped at the supermarket to pick up food and diapers for the girl.

When she arrived home, his kids were thrilled to welcome her. She too was jubilant.

That evening, the girl had supper with He and his children, and one of them entertained her with tales until she fell asleep.

Henry couldn’t keep his eyes off her as she slept soundly. He was concerned about what would occur if her mother didn’t show up.

He began considering the option of adopting the girl since he was aware that leaving the girl in a shelter would be difficult for her.

He made his decision the next morning. However, the social worker resisted letting him take the daughter when child protective authorities showed there.

Henry was only able to persuade them to let him take care of her after many hours of wrangling.

They just stipulated that he get adoptive parent status and undergo a background investigation, which he duly accomplished.

Unfortunatley, months went by with the police probe producing no findings. He ultimately formally fostered the kid after her mother could not be located.

Because he saw her as a blessing, he gave her the name Blessie. He had no clue what was ahead for her.

Blessie was cherished by Henry and his kids. Along with helping him change Blessie’s diaper, the kids alternated feeding and washing her.

With time, she became used to his fam. Henry’s wages had been enhanced by the person in charge of him.

Now, he could provide his children better care. After a few years, he also got a better offer with a higher salary.

On her 18th birthday, everything seemed to be going as planned until a surprise visitor knocked on his door.

At his door came a plainly rich woman wearing sparkling stilettos.

When he noticed how much this woman resembled Blessie, he was worried.

Patrick Richard? My name is Ayleen. After you took my child in sixteen years ago, I’m here to bring her back.

I need her wealth, she mumbled. It felt as though the world were crumbling around him; he felt dreadful.

Are you thinking of her? Where have you been during all of this? Just get out of here before I call the police!

She has nothing to do with your money. The woman responded by laughing, which shocked him.

hello, It’s not a serious problem. Avoid letting it bother you too much. Look, at the time, my judgment was clouded.

I wasn’t ready to have children. Kids can never fully express a woman’s life.

I now want her to return. Recover her? » Henry answered. « Hear, woman.

She is not a product, so you can’t dump my child whenever you choose and then go back and take her.

She is not related to you because I legally took her in.

« All OK, » she replies. « Why don’t we reach an agreement? You keep the lady; I’ll keep the money.

She’ll receive $3 million from my late spouse, and I want it all for me. If you come with me to the lawyer’s office to sign the papers, I’ll hand her to you.

She presented him with a business card and said: « The relevant address is provided below. Come see her and you’ll know.

He was in disbelief. Luckily, she wasn’t home when she came, so the talk ended there and Ayleen left.

But when she came home later that night, she could see by the pallor of his face that something was wrong, and he finally opened up to her.

Dad, what do you assume? She won’t be taking me anywhere with her. You are my family. Why did you put up with her?

Oh, sweetie, I’m not sure. She was just worried about the cost of living.

She seems to want to take advantage of the vast wealth your dad has given you.

She gave the lawyer’s address in her message. She was in tears.

“Great! She dumped me, and now she wants the money! OK, that’s OK.

I won’t be giving her a single penny of that money! I’ll still go to a lawyer, though.

She was interested to learn more about her father because she had few to no recollections of him. She also wondered whether the lawyer might help her.

When she and Henry visited his workplace the next day, reality struck her and devastated her from the inside out.

It was discovered that Ayleen had wedded him for his fortune alone, and that he was her dad.

She had no desire to have children, but in order to share in Ronald’s wealth, she had to seem to be a responsible parent.

Soon after she turned 2, he tragically passed away in a car accident, but not before he updated his will without Ayleen’s knowledge.

She was furious to hear that she was not included in the will and that she would inherit her wealth when she became 18 years old.

By that time, she had moved on from Blessie and was living abroad with her lover.

It took her sixteen years to locate her after deciding to wait until she turned 18 before doing so.

I say let her burn in hell! She cried as soon as she grasped the truth.

I’ll always hate her! She wants money, right? She won’t get anything.

She eventually made the decision not to sign the papers giving up her inheritance.

In the end, she received all of that cash, and she and Henry were in charge of handling it.

Ayleen persevered in trying to intimidate them into participating, but when they reported her to the police, she was forced to give up.

He once heard Blessie say, « I’m so happy I found you, Dad.

« Do you really think that my mum came back into my life for financial gain? I loathe her!

She was told, « But you shouldn’t, » by Henry. « See, our unpleasant experiences in life teach us to treasure the good things in life.

If she hadn’t been such a terrible girl, I never would have found a girl like you.

My darling, I love you so much. As they gave one other a heartfelt embrace, he said, « I’m overjoyed to have you around, too.

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