Poor child gives a blind woman a $3 bus fare; the next morning, her son goes looking for him


The cabin window let in a small amount of moonlight, which weakly lit the space.

Oliver was reading in bed when he overheard his grandma Angela’s voice.

« Honey, Oliver, dinner is ready, » she said. « Get going! »

Oliver said, « Not just now, Grandma. » « I was just where it was greatest! »

Oliver was really interested in how the narrative he was reading would end.

Despite his desire to continue reading, he put down the book and walked downstairs for supper after lighting a candle on his bedside table as the night fell.

When it came to adventure novels, the youngster was a bookworm. Every night at supper, as well as on the bus ride to school and other occasions as they presented themselves, he read them.

His family and the hut where he resided were both compact. It was her grandma Angela and her little sister Eva.

His father had abandoned them when his mother died of cancer a number of years prior.

They all clasped hands, prayed, and started eating as soon as Oliver sat down at the table.

He described the detective novel he was reading to them while his mouth was still full of food. His enthusiasm was contagious.

As she listened to Oliver chat ecstatically about the novels he was reading, Angela felt bad for him.

They were indigent, and the knowledge that the money he handed her for lunch had been used to purchase those books made her unhappy.

She had considered looking for another work so Oliver wouldn’t have to skip lunch, but Eva was too little and required a caregiver.

In addition, she wasn’t in the greatest of health. So every night when Oliver read aloud the books he had read, she grinned with a heavy heart.

I wanted I could be a better grandma and provide for him in so many more ways.

Oliver helped Angela clean up the dinner table that evening after everyone had done eating.

He then returned to his books and slept off while reading.

Oliver was reading once more the following day on the bus when he heard a fight and glanced up.

A woman begging to be allowed to board the bus was being yelled at by the driver while donning a pair of large, black spectacles.

I think I misplaced my wallet, sir, I left the home in a hurry, she exclaimed to the driver. My daughter is in the hospital; I must visit her.

The driver abruptly remarked, « You’d best get out, ma’am. » I’m tired of people inventing lies to avoid paying the fee, you know.

The elderly woman said, « Sir, I’m not lying. She begged for assistance, saying, « Please help me, I’ll have someone at the hospital pay you as soon as we get there. »

The motorist yelled at her, « GET OUT. » I’ve heard that justification before; save me the time.

The elderly woman was ready to exit the vehicle, bracing herself for the brisk winds sweeping across the city, when Oliver stepped in.

She knew she wouldn’t be able to convince the driver. Oliver responded, « Sir, I’ll pay that three dollars of her trip. »

« Ma’am, kindly accompany me. You don’t have to leave. The elderly blind woman was assisted to seat next to him and had her fare paid for.

She grinned when he questioned her about her well-being after going back to his seat.

I really appreciate that, » the woman remarked. « You sound like a small boy with such wonderful voice! »

He exclaimed, « I’m large! » with pride. My name is Oliver, too. How is your daughter doing? »

She introduced herself as Mary. « I need to visit my daughter because she just gave birth.

Oliver, I appreciate you helping me out today. Oliver responded, « It wasn’t an issue, Mary, but it would be a problem for me. »

He had been saving the cash from his recent ticket purchase to buy the next book in the series he was reading.

He had to assist her nevertheless. Mary said, « Where are you going, Oliver? »

Before they arrived at the stop where Oliver was to get out, the child stated that he was on his way to school and they conversed briefly.

Oliver was a big fan of Mary. He was reminded of his granny by her.

She listened as intently as Angela did when he explained that he enjoyed reading.

« I’ll mention her to Grandma. As he headed to his school, he thought, « She’ll be proud of what I accomplished.

Then he carried it out. Oliver didn’t discuss his books that evening; instead, he spoke of Mary and the kind thing he had done for her.

Oliver, what you did was really beautiful, Angela exclaimed. That was really kind of you, thank you.

Oliver had no notion that he would be meeting Mary’s son very soon.

The following morning, he was perplexed when a tall guy knocked on his door.

« Are you Oliver? » the man questioned as Eva and Angela joined him at the door.

« Yes, it’s me, » Oliver said. Angela asked, « How can we assist you? Do you know who Oliver is?

This man grinned. Javier here. Oliver assisted my mother yesterday, and I wanted to express my gratitude.

I had no trouble finding the address using the details he supplied her.

He turned to the youngster and said, « I’ve got you something. « Please wait a moment. »

The man left for his car and came back with a carton of books.

Oliver spotted the books and said, « I can’t believe it! Mary told you I enjoy reading, right? »

I saw Javier nod. She did, of course, and I hope you enjoyed her surprise.

You must have spent far more for those books than Oliver did. We can’t accept them, » Angela apologized fervently.

Javier, it’s true, » Oliver regretfully said. You just cannot purchase that many books for for $3.

Javier answered, « You may keep them all, Oliver. » He said, « I’m not sure whether your grandson told you exactly what occurred yesterday, but my mother wouldn’t have been able to go see my sister without his assistance. »

He was speaking to Angela. I beg you to allow me to do this, please. It is appropriate to acknowledge and praise such kind deeds as this child’s.

Oliver was overjoyed when, in the end, he persuaded Angela to accept the books since they represented a genuine treasure to him.

The greatest Mary is! Javier, please tell her that I adored the books and thank you very much! » the young kid pleaded.

Javier grinned and replied, « I will, amigo! She’ll be overjoyed to hear that, I’m sure.

Soon after, Javier had some of Angela’s homemade cookies with a nice cup of raspberry tea.

Additionally, he saw that they were experiencing some electrical issues and made the decision to take action.

For everyone, it was unquestionably a remarkable day.

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