When a waitress gives her meal to a stinky, poorly clothed old guy, her boss comes and hugs her


Natalie worked two jobs to pay for her college education. Every morning, she took classes, then worked as a waitress in the afternoon and a janitor at night.

She was fatigued one day after cleaning all night due to an irate customer who dropped by the hostel where she worked.

She had to clean the floor and dispose of the trash he had left behind. She then desired to treat herself to a good supper.

She went to the cafeteria for a dinner after a long morning of lessons.

She used her employee discount to get a nice dish of pasta, something she doesn’t generally do because she’s trying to save as much money as possible.

« All right, Natalie. Enjoy! As she brought her the bowl of spaghetti, her colleague gave her a smirk and said, « I made the dish a bit bigger for you.

Thank you, Mia! Although it wasn’t necessary, I do appreciate it. In an attempt to converse, she stated, « It was a hard night.

She was ready to start eating when a filthy, elderly guy wearing ragged clothing opened the restaurant doors.

The other patrons pinched their noses and turned to gaze at the man in disdain.

This smell is intolerable! » a lady said. The elderly guy said as he approached the counter, « Can I have anything to eat and drink? »

The supervisor approached and shook his head. He mockingly questioned the old guy, « Do you have money to pay for the food? »

Before the director continued, the elderly guy briefly exhibited confusion.

He responded, « You clearly don’t have the money. « Depart from here. Because of your stench, our consumers are being distracted.

For the elderly guy, Natalie felt horrible. He appeared lethargic, as if he hadn’t eaten well in some time.

She approached him before he could leave the cafeteria and motioned for him to sit at her table.

She asked him to « please sit down. » She moved her dish of spaghetti toward the man as he sat down in front of her.

You’re welcome to have my lunch, Natalie said. She stood up to get a bottle of water from the counter and said, « Let me grab you a drink of water. »

As she walked toward the counter, she could sense the expression on her manager’s face.

He questioned her, « Why are you assisting that disgusting old man? »

« My late grandma taught me that if I am in a position to assist someone who is in need, I should do it.

I won’t perish if I don’t consume this spaghetti, but this man appears to be in need of food.

If he doesn’t eat, we won’t be able to predict when he will pass out and become ill, » Natalie said.

The man ate the meal quickly while Natalie watched. The restaurant owner arrived halfway through the lunch and inquired about the odor with the manager.

The management quickly laid responsibility on Natalie. « This filthy homeless man entered.

Although Natalie had offered to buy him lunch, the man refused to go and is still there.

I apologize, sir; I should have chased him away more effectively.

Everyone in the restaurant was shocked by what transpired after the proprietor turned to the elderly man.

He rushed over to the man and gave him a bear embrace. Crying, he exclaimed, « Daddy! »

For weeks, I’ve been seeking for you. He questioned, « Where have you been? »

The boss’s expression darkened. ”Dad?” He started to imagine many possibilities in his thoughts as he realized he had made a dreadful mistake.

« I was adrift… I then noticed the eatery, and I immediately recognized it from before.

I was accurate! The elder guy said, « It was your restaurant. She assisted me, the girl over there.

Natalie was the subject of his pointing. The manager and everyone else tried to get rid of me, but the girl urged me to sit down and offered me her lunch.

For his own relaxation and refreshment, the restaurant owner drove his father home.

After a time, he went back to the eatery as Natalie finished her shift.

To thank her for all she had done, he summoned her into his office.

« I’ve prayed to God my entire life for workers who are caring and enthusiastic about what they do, like you.

And although you didn’t know who he was, I appreciate you aiding my dad.

You will now be the agency manager, I’ve decided, » he declared.

« I upped your pay since I know you’re a working student and I don’t want you to have to work two jobs anymore.

Spend your evenings sleeping. Is that alright? Now, Natalie was sobbing. She was struggling to balance work, school, and her two jobs, so the chance to leave one without losing money seemed too good to be true.

She questioned him, « Would you truly do it for me, sir? » Her superior nodded.

“Yes. I wish to give you ample time to devote to studying. You cannot do it by working two jobs.

Give up the other job and take over as manager here during your regular shifts. You merit it.

For the promotion, She was appreciative to her supervisor. She had more free time, which enabled her to flourish in school and take pleasure in her employment.

In the meantime, the ex-termination manager’s from his position taught him a very hard lesson.

He was told by his employer that he wasn’t being a « good employee » according to the company’s requirements.

We prioritize morals beyond anything else in our establishment, he remarked.

All are welcome here. You are unworthy to be here if you don’t appreciate that.

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