The couple refused to leave a street puppy they came across at a gas station while traveling


For ten weeks, Ana and her companion drove across the country. They only stopped for a quick visit to a convenience store at a gas station near Moniker.

A dog that appeared to be specifically looking for them approached them. Shortly thereafter, a local who claimed to be feeding stray dogs contacted them.

After that, she started raving to everyone about how wonderful the dog was and how badly she needed a new home. or, at the very least, a decent hostel.

Ana continues, « After just a few minutes of traveling with her in the vehicle, we decided to bring her to our place. »

It turned out that the young dog was very kind and loving. Moniker was her real name. Moniker appeared to be less than seven months old.

As if to express her gratitude for being a part of Ana and her friend, she treasured every moment she spent together.

Moniker quickly adjusted when Ana and her friend arrived at the house. She now has a big house, a few toys, and everything else she didn’t know before. What a happy tale!

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