Baby giraffe who had been deserted by her mom befriended with a dog at the wildlife refuge


The world of animals never ceases to amaze people. How considerate and kind they are, not only to one another but also to their own people.

There are numerous accounts of bizarre alliances between various animals. This tale of a dog and a young giraffe who fell in love was adored by social media users.

Sadly, the newborn giraffe’s mother abandoned her. People went to the refuge to help the newborn giraffe.

Rock was fed through a bottle because she was too small to stand on her own.

The sanctuary staff did everything in their power to assist the animal.

Rock, on the other hand, greatly benefited from another supporter and soother who was present at the refuge.

Halter, a lovely dog, always accompanied Giraffe and protected her.

The dog assumed the child giraffe’s role as the adoptive parent. The two animals developed an incredible bond.

Rock and Halter were close friends at this point. Their one-of-a-kind and beautiful friendship were praised by everyone at the refuge.

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