Sweet Chihuahua pup makes sad face when mom discusses “diet”


Jahan has two dogs with her family. One is a gentle giant, while the other is a chihuahua with tiny drumstick legs and furry fur.

The chihuahua’s owners gave it the names Kevin and June, his sister and companion dog. June is a big, gentle giant who is only one year older than Kevin.

June and Kevin have an amusing relationship. June, the older sister, would sit quietly and unaffected by her younger brother’s antics while letting him do whatever he wanted.

Even though Kevin is entirely Chihuahua, he still appeared to be a chunky pug. He sleeps like a baby throughout the day and is a lazy dog. He loves to stay in Jahan’s lap and lets her hold him like a child.

Kevin’s family would encourage him to play a lot with June because he is very lazy and is obsessed with celery. They wanted to keep their dogs moving around.

Fetch with the dogs was a favorite pastime for even Jahan. Kevin, on the other hand, found a peaceful spot to lie down. « He has a lot of energy, » Jahan said.

It simply never lasts. When Kevin wants to play, eat more, or have someone pick him up, he has a lot of attitude. He just cracks me up.

Jahan asserts that she is fortunate to have the opportunity to work from home, allowing her to spend the entire day with Kevin. He always makes her smile throughout the day.

The concerned owner is aware that her dog is overweight. She has worked with the veterinarian and tried various diets, but nothing has helped him lose weight.

However, she believes that Jahan’s desire to work on his activity level is the primary issue. He always falls asleep like a young child.

Kevin is adored by everyone in Jahan’s family, including her husband and children. The chihuahua, on the other hand, always regards her as his beloved human.

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