This cat’s reaction to a lion on TV is the dose of cuteness you needed today


Each person has a hero. someone they look up to, try to be like, and imitate This mindset is most prevalent among humans, particularly among parents of young children, but it is not exclusive to our species!

« Snowball, » an adorable gold-and-white cat, can be seen in this eight-second video. Snowball appears to have decided that the powerful lion is his hero after spending some time watching television.

As humans, we are aware that lions have a distinct appearance from domestic cats. However, Snowball simply regards the lion as yet another cat.

He is more impressed by another distinguishing feature of the lion: their enormous roar!

The video shows Snowball sitting on the arm of a couch in a big, modern living room, enjoying a homey paradise. Snowball, on the other hand, is not discouraged by the fact that the lion in the movie is in the wild.

He makes an adorable attempt at a « roar » after spending a few seconds focusing intently on the screen. The lion on the television lets out a small roar of its own, almost as if in response.

Snowball gives roaring another shot, this time with a slightly louder and more « mean » tone.

Despite the fact that he is only a fraction of the size of the enormous cat, it is still far more endearing than it is likely to frighten others.

This brief but well-worth-watching clip should not be missed at any cost. We watched it and believe that Snowball should win.

You’ll seem like a completely mature lion in a matter of seconds! Snowball, keep working at it.

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