The picture of this baby and a Pit Bull laying next to each other caused an endless discussion on the internet about the baby’s safety


There is no denying that people’s best friends are dogs. However, when it comes to the safety of children, opinions can diverge at times.

Pit bulls are known to be dangerous, so it’s always a good idea to keep some boundaries around them. However, owners of Pit Bulls assert the opposite.

As with other dogs, they are gentle and will never harm their owners. This kind of debate started in the comments section of a video that Pit Bull owner Jarad had shared.

His one-year-old son is seen lying next to a massive Pit Bull that is twice his size in the video. He had no idea that the video would become so popular that it got more than 12 million views.

Opinions about the video also increased as views increased. The following was the video’s caption: She behaves as the one-year-old girl’s mother, Cruise.

People shared their Pit Bull-related stories and experiences, and Jarad believes that proper training and care are the most important factors.

However, he asserts that he has complete faith in them and is certain of their actions. We also think the video is cute, but it is safe, always available, and wouldn’t be necessary.

What are your thoughts on the video below?

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