Meet the tiny Maine Coon kitten – who becomes the longest cat in the world


Omar’s size was not unusual when he was adopted by this Melbourne couple. In fact, he resembled his siblings in every way.

However, he was successful in breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cat ever.

Stephy Hirst Stephy Hirst, the cat’s mother, said that she had no idea Omar would get so big. Stéphy Hirst: « We were anticipating a cat of 19 pounds.

When he first showed up, before he was even a year old, we kind of realized that he wasn’t done yet.

The woman continued, « Omar was small when we got him, but he just started growing and was 22 pounds in a year. »

The pompous cat now stands 47 inches tall and is estimated to weigh 30 pounds. When pictures of Omar were posted on the well-known « Cats of Instagram » account, he gained popularity.

In fact, that’s when the Guinness Book notices the cat. Stephy Hirst told the BBC that everyone wants to see our cat. a question like, « Is this Photoshopped? » or « this can’t be real, » and then they actually see it. »

However, the family bed isn’t big enough for everyone, so being the longest cat in the world has its drawbacks.

Stephy stated, « He sleeps on the couch because he takes up too much space on the bed and he demands we cuddle and pet him all night. »

Watch the video below to see this adorable and unique cat:

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