The couple instead of having a baby, had identical triplets. Find out how they look and live after 20 years


When she is expecting a child, every woman experiences a particular time in her life. It’s entertaining and exciting all at once.

During this time, women frequently worry that something bad might happen to them or that they are not doing well. However, when the long-awaited child arrives, this will change.

A woman from Iran is one of the mothers who receive « surprises » in the mail. She was certain she would only have one child when she was pregnant.

However, the expectations were correct. Three daughters were born to her: Tanaz, Elnaz, and Golnaz They are identical triplets. As children and as adults, girls are identical twins.

A simple Iranian family experienced this happy occasion 20 years ago. When they had three girls, the parents were pleased. They could not be brought down by their poverty.

In contrast to many Iranian parents, moms, and dads put money into their daughters’ education and growth and did everything they could for them.

In spite of this, the sisters had little to look forward to in Iran, their home country. Women working or displaying their identities in any way offend society.

Because the girls, now adults, were aware of this, they made the decision to relocate to London. The money the father had saved up for tickets and a place to live was given to his daughters.

He supported them in everything they did because he wanted them to succeed. They were able to leave Iran more easily as a result. They never returned to their home country.

Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz have resided in London for some time. They learn that they are models and come to realize this.

A small step toward success, the girls were able to get work with big brands almost immediately. They can live independently in a different country thanks to this, which provides them with a healthy income.

However, significant success is yet to come. The sisters are not widely known at the moment, but they are confident that they will succeed in the future.

On social media, girls share a page where they post pictures of themselves in fashionable poses. The fashion sense of girls is strong.

So that they don’t stand out too much from one another, they try to get accessories and other items that are similar to them. Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz are content with their lives and appreciative of their parents’ support.

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