This pregnant woman worked two jobs to support her family. Unexpectedly, her boss called her to talk about something crucial


Tami Forbes works as the manager of a small store. In the United States, it is common for one person to work multiple jobs, just like it is in our country.

As a result, Tami was required to perform every task, including inventory management and store cleaning. despite the fact that the woman is pregnant and has eight-month-old twins waiting for her at home.

In order to provide for her family and make ends meet, Tami also has to work as a waitress at night.

In addition, a woman receives only $300 per week, which is a salary in the United States that is so low that it is barely enough to live on.

Lemonis made the decision to assist the hardworking pregnant woman before she had to go on maternity leave.

Tami only had to do the manager’s direct work because he hired a few more people to work in the store.

Additionally, Marcus increased her weekly pay to $1,000 and promised to cover her six-month maternity leave. It is so crucial to me!

Live in the knowledge that when I return, I will not only have funds to save but also to live on. Many thanks for this! As she thanked the millionaire, Tami wept.

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