Man shares the incredible moment when he understood a goat was his “forever” pet


This brief video opens with a clear shot of a man working and a baby goat that clearly wants his attention. « Originally, this was my wife’s goat… »

« But anytime she would see me, she would want me to hold her, » the captions continue. The goat rises and begins to paw at him, indicating that this statement is true.

The man tries once more to take a quick picture as he gently picks her up and puts her back on the ground. However, this young goat (baby goat) won’t let him.

She’s back on the « table » in a flash! This little goat begins to paw at her father once more. He seems to understand: That picture needs to wait!

The video has the appropriate caption, « She is in constant need of my attention… » The man picks up the goat and initially places her over his shoulder, but she starts moving around and tries to snuggle up to his face.

He chooses to advance her to a more favorable position. I never intended to have a goat puppy, but I’m so glad we have her! The screen’s captions continue.

This baby goat doesn’t appear to have taken the man’s acceptance of her seriously because she wouldn’t have taken a no for an answer anyway.

As she settles into his arm, she seems right at home, holding the tiny goat like a human baby.

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