This girl has never been trained and the popular singer fell to his knees when he heard her singing opera


To listen to this was just lovely. She has an incredible voice. Amira Willighagen, then nine years old, learned how to sing by watching certain videos on YouTube.

However, the love of opera enabled the self-taught soprano to win an audition on Holland’s Got Talent in 2013.

She received a « Golden Ticket » to advance to the show’s final round because her performance of « O Mio Babbino Caro » completely floored the judges and the audience.

The young Dutch singer went on to win the entire competition with 50 percent of the votes cast by viewers. Amira was successful in both advancing her career and becoming well-known due to her abilities.

She started working on her own album, Amira, in February 2014, and by June 2015, her YouTube channel had more than 36 million views.

Wikipedia says that she gives half of the money she makes from selling her record to a charity that builds playgrounds for kids who don’t have much money.

Amira’s exceptional operatic singing earned her invitations to perform with notable artists like the Neapolitan-Austrian vocalist Patrizio Buanne.

She quickly gained notoriety, as evidenced by the video of her singing « O Sole Mio » with Buanne at the Classics is Groot concert in South Africa last summer.

She has skills that would give the impression that she has been a skilled performer for a long time—in fact, she is very gifted!

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