The puppy Golden Retriever and her siblings steal everybody’s hearts


A puppy golden retriever has not peed in her crate all night. She should now leave the house. Her human father is explaining to her how good she is for not having an accident all night.

Like a good golden girl, she begins to urinate outside. The puppy gets excited and starts playing with her mother after going to the bathroom.

A second dog arrives to join in the fun. The puppy is overjoyed and starts to jump when someone brings her a new bed. Additionally, he provides each dog with a unique Valentine’s Day toy.

The bed seems to excite the mother pup. Mother’s little guy and her little one bond over the toys and begin to play.

The puppy falls asleep on her brand-new pink bed like a princess after playtime. The puppies resume playing fetch later. The puppy is seen eating dirt outside.

She then starts rolling around in the dirt. The puppy’s father returns to the salon with a new haircut. The dogs are once more having fun in the yard.

The puppy begins to sniff the flowers. She is advised to flee from them by her father. Later, when the pups are inside the house, the puppy prepares to train with treats.

The dog sits while receiving a treat. The puppy makes an adorable effort to chew as she drops the treat from her mouth. Another puppy is having fun with their dad in the kitchen.

The puppy is ready for dreamland in her crate as it is time for bed. With her stuffed toy, mama pup is moving around the bedroom.

The proud dog dad ends his day by saying how happy he is to be with his canine kids while he sleeps.

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