After years of struggling the 52-year-old widow decided to try a full makeover; Watch how she changes


It is extremely difficult to experience a loss in life. Even if we all experience roughly the same phases, our rates of progress may vary significantly.

Maggie had no idea that she would lose her husband at 52. She decided to undergo a makeover in order to change her mind and let her thoughts rest because she was having trouble thinking about the day after.

She lacked self-assurance, avoided others’ gaze, and desired a complete transformation.

So, in 2019, she decided to get in touch with Christopher Hopkins, a world-renowned stylist who is more commonly referred to as « The makeover guy. »

He has been making videos on YouTube for a number of years where he uses various makeovers to bring out the best in people and restore their confidence after they leave the salon.

When Maggie got to sit in Christopher’s chair in the video below, she was very moved by everything. As Maggie began to tell the story of her life, she was unable to control her tears.

She talked about her husband, a police officer. But he tragically passed away the day before he retired.

This happened a couple of years prior yet presently she needed to continue on, and moving into Christopher’s hands was the initial step to improving.

She was ready to begin a new life chapter, and the change was the first thing she needed, despite the fact that she still missed her husband.

Take a look at Maggie’s stunning transformation below, and don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. I appreciate your attention!

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