This 73 year-old woman asked “The makeover guy” to help her, and now…


Sometimes, the best decision you can make in your life is to make significant changes and get a makeover. And precisely that is what this 73-year-old person did.

She hails from Boston and goes by the name Sarah Chisolm. Despite her claims to be in her 70s, she appears to be 40.

She’d always wanted to change something about her appearance, perhaps cutting off her long hair for a major transformation.

You may already be familiar with « The makeover guy’s » magic, and this time he was there to assist Sarah as well.

When the video was uploaded to YouTube in 2019, it received a lot of positive feedback. The woman stated that she allows the stylist to work his magic because she has complete faith in him.

Also, he did something truly magical. Sarah’s face shone once more, and she smiled big and beautifully.

In the comments, people said that she looked beautiful for her age and that they were glad that women still cared about their beauty.

It’s something that can make your life better and give you new life, so if you’ve been thinking about changing something about yourself, do it right away and enjoy new versions of yourself.

Enjoy watching the transformation of Sarah in the video below!

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