Cute kitty finds comfort in Labrador snuggle friend


In the event that we could all be as persistent at ‘Bailey’ the Brilliant Retriever, the world could be a superior spot! The affectionate dog lets a tiny kitten use it as a pillow to sleep.

In the middle of the day, a tired Golden Retriever named « Bailey » was napping on top of an adorable light orange and white cat.

The canine lays ready on its paunch on the bed while the feline moves around like clockwork. The kitten moves to Bailey’s inside paw on the side of his nose after beginning on the dog’s back.

The adorable cat and dog are both attempting to fall asleep the entire time.

Bailey is awoken by the kitten, which seems to be sleeping more than the dog because it keeps moving around. While the kitten sleeps like a baby, the protective dog pisses heavily.

One of the dog’s eyes occasionally opens. The kitten occasionally raises both eyes for a brief moment, but once it realizes Bailey is on protection patrol, it immediately goes back to sleep.

Because the kitten’s fur matches Bailey’s, sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly where the kitten is because Bailey is so protective of it.

The fact that Bailey is so content to allow the kitten to become accustomed at its own expense is unsettling.

In a touching scene of friendship, the two sleep together in their owner’s bed for the afternoon. Bailey is a true parent because he cares about his sleeping kitten buddy!

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