The cutest thing ever, horse and elk team up for epic ball game


The cutest thing ever was recorded by the owner of a young colt who was having fun. When Tamara Miller clicked the record button on her camera, the eight-month-old colt was attempting to play ball with an elk.

The colt and the elk were running side by side along the fence one day on the snowy Montana property. The brown colt engages the elk as it runs back and forth along the wall.

The colt tries to throw the ball over the fence by picking it up. For the first minute, the colt tries and fails, but she soon gets the hang of it and throws it over the fence.

However, the elk don’t really care about the ball. The elk appears to be more territorial while the colt is having fun. It appears to be attempting to demonstrate authority to the colt.

As they move further away from the colt, five more elk can be seen in the shot’s background. The two animals run together up and down the fence line when the colt finally wins the ball.

The elk is perhaps the biggest specie in the deer family, and this one is by all accounts very forceful. whereas the young colt, who seems more interested in being the class clown, is a young horse.

The elk is a little nervous as the exuberant colt makes some erratic moves.

The two animals stop and stare at each other before running in perfect sync.

The elk do not appear to have any intention of ever returning that ball to the colt!

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