The backyard bird who is bossy, busy, and beloved comes with a song mo match


The Carolina Wren is well-known for its lovely song. The males can only sing; They can sing up to three thousand notes per day.

The songs are three-parted and last for two seconds. Males sing approximately 50 times before changing tunes, with a distinct sound compared to females.

It is used by males to protect their territory and entice females. These People in love mate forever. For the winter, Carolina Wrens do not migrate south.

They become permanent residents once they find a place to live. They like to hide in lower areas that are close to the ground.

They adore eating caterpillars, beetles, moths, cockroaches, and other kinds of insects. Small frogs, snakes, and lizards are known to be among their prey.

To attract Carolina Wrens, fill your bird feeders with mill worms, suet, and sunflower seeds. Since they have a harder time finding food during the winter, feeding them is especially important.

In 1997, the oldest Carolina wren that is still alive was found to be seven years and eight months old. A nest is finished in about a week.

The female will lay three to seven eggs that are less than an inch long and creamy with reddish-rusty spots. They will hatch in ten to sixteen days. The male and female will alternate bringing food to the infants.

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