The temptations and supremes “Are Out of Sight!”: Legendary Motown stars unite


The Temptations and The Supremes, led by lead singer Diana Ross, were two of the most well-known Motown groups in the 1960s.

On one of the episodes of The Ed Sullivan Show that aired on November 19, 1967, their collective musical talent resulted in a truly remarkable performance.

On The Ed Sullivan Show, the two groups’ famous performances are remastered in high definition. As a result, this video has recently received a lot of attention and gained a lot of followers on the internet.

The two groups sing « Get Ready, Stop!  » in it. My Guy, Baby Love, and (I Know) I’m Losing You in the Name of Love. »

They are greeted on stage by Ed Sullivan, who gives a brief overview of the groups. According to him, The Temptations began as The Primes.

The Primettes were the names of a group of girls who joined, and they later changed their group’s name again. The girls’ group became The Supremes, and the boys’ group became The Temptations.

On The Ed Sullivan Show, the two groups sang a medley of each other’s hits for the first time.

The songs « Get Ready » and « I’m Losing You » by the Temptations are performed by Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Barbara Martin, and The Supremes.

The Temptations Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, and other members perform the timeless songs « Baby Love » and « Stop! In Loving’s Name. » In the beginning, The Supremes sing this.

The names of the two groups are written on the bright pink background of the stage. The Supremes and the Temptations sang each other’s greatest hits in turn.

The hit song « In & Out of Love » by The Supremes served as the show’s opening number.

The Temptations followed with a rendition of « Don’t Look Back, » followed by a refreshing rendition of « Hello Young Lovers. »

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