This baby boy is one of the biggest babies ever born… He was almost 6 kgs


The baby was born so quickly and easily, despite his size. Find out more about Lucas, one of Australia’s biggest babies. He was almost 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms) when he was born.

The baby was born so quickly and easily, despite its size. The child is the second child of a woman. A year ago, she gave birth to her first boy, who was also very large.

Nina Tassell, who is 38 years old, claims that they were unable to even get to the hospital because her son was born so quickly.

The woman claimed that she was with Adam, her husband, at the time she learned the baby was going to be born.

Thus, they were headed to the St. John the Scholar Emergency clinic when the lady saw the child pushing. Lucas made the decision to give birth in the car’s front seat.

They will never forget this day because the loving and confused husband had to give birth in the car.

The fact that Nina Sonya Ason’s daughter-in-law helped her get ready for an important day is part of this story that is the funniest.

However, Sonya was required to give Nina instructions over the phone when Nina called to inform them that they needed to alter their plans.

Therefore, the Holy Trinity was able to care for the birth before the medical professionals could assist. Additionally, this is regarded as a serious case and a risky birth when the child weighs close to 6 kilograms.

When he was born, the baby was healthy, and he is still healthy and whole today.

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